Dual the A1, now

HOW many more lives will have to be lost before something is done about dualling the A1 in Northumberland?

In February 1992, Conservative Secretary of State for Transport, Malcolm Rifkind, visit Alnwick, saw the state of the A1 and said work would start in May.

But we are still waiting.

A major hurdle was overcome when the road was reclassified as a route of national strategic importance in August last year.

However, we still need to keep up the fight.

There have been far too many deaths on this road for it not be dualled.

Families are ripped apart, children are left without their parents and lives are ruined when people are killed in accidents.

How then can politicians and Government Ministers continuously ignore the fact that this road is a problem?

If and when Mike Penning, the Roads Minister, visits our region, we need to sit him down and make him listen to the pleas from people who have lost family members on this road.

Maybe then some sympathy will be shown and we will be able to get something done.

Yes, money is tight, but no sum can compensate for the loss of a loved one.

Any one of us could be next. All it takes is for one motorist, who doesn’t realise that he or she is on a single carriageway, to make a mistake.

These deaths must not be in vain. Let’s do something now to prevent even more people going through this trauma.