Dual purpose bins

HEALTH and safety fears have been voiced over a change in provision of rubbish bins.

At last month’s Alnwick Town Council meeting clerk Bill Batey told members that the council will be responsible for the full cost of litter bins and dog bins when the provision of services is transferred from the county council to the town council. He added that the county’s new policy is to install a litter bin which will be used for normal litter as well as dog waste.

But this raised ‘extreme concerns’ from Coun Sara Walton who said that the lack of dinstinction between the two types of waste was ‘extremely dangerous’. She said that numerous diseases and infections are carried in dog waste and combining the two could cause a health concern, especially for children.

A request was made to the town council for a new dog waste bin on Walkergate and, while some town councillors said there was no problem on the street, the town council was contact by the county council after an inspection of the area. It was decided that a litter bin, to be used for both kinds of waste, will be put on the street.