Drama in the sky for your top picture of the week

Last week, it was a sunset that was top of the shots, this week it's a sunrise.

Friday, 9th November 2018, 1:00 pm
Sunrise on the River Aln, taken from the Lion Bridge, Alnwick, by George Taylor. 305 Facebook likes

George Taylor’s photo of sunrise over the River Aln seen from The Lion Bridge in Alnwick was the most popular reader picture with 305 likes.

Every day at facebook.com/nlandgazette, we share your images of the county under the title, View of Northumberland. Then each week in the Gazette, we feature the four which received the most likes.

An unusual view of Lindisfarne Castle by Amy Hodgkiss-White. 267 Facebook likes

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In second place was Amy Hodgkiss-White’s view of Lindisfarne (267 likes); Kevin Temple’s time-lapse image of a boat at Alnmouth was second (205 likes); and Jackie Fordy’s shot of a rainbow on Bamburgh beach was fourth, with 165 likes.

Post your pictures at facebook.com/nlandgazette and remember to like your favourites.

The passage of time! A nifty bit of trickery from Kevin Temple on this shot taken at Alnmouth estuary, showing the movement of this boat over a two-week period. 205 Facebook likes
Wonder if Jackie Fordy found the pot of gold. Lovely picture of a rainbow over Bamburgh beach. 165 Facebook likes