Drainage problems kicking up a stink

The Avenue, Swarland.
The Avenue, Swarland.

Councillors have spoken out over issues with their village’s drainage.

Councillors at Newton-on-the-Moor and Swarland Parish Council have raised concers over a sewerage system which has seen raw sewage in people’s homes.

Councillors said that there has been a long-standing issue with the drainage in Swarland.

Jan Anderson, the council’s parish clerk, said: “The original system was set up in the 1930s to deal with a small settlement, but housing developments over the years have put pressure on the system.”

“This results in regular flooding [of raw sewage] of residents’ homes with raw sewage.”

A spokeswoman from Northumbrian Water said: “We have been carrying out investigations to further understand the cause of the flooding in the area.

“We put cameras inside the sewer pipes and these camera surveys have shown that we don’t have any structural issues on the pipes.”

The council said Northumbrian Water ‘were investigating the system and promised a full report within six weeks, but this has not been forthcoming’.

The council feels that the situation can only get worse if new housing developments are approved.

Northumbrian Water said it is‘working with developers’ on the matter.