Double trouble on the buses

Pictures of two buses stuck at Alnmouth. Pictures Terry Collinson.
Pictures of two buses stuck at Alnmouth. Pictures Terry Collinson.

YOU spend ages waiting for a bus and then two turn up – only to skid on ice and come perilously close to plunging into a seaside marsh.

That’s what happened on Monday evening when a pair of Arriva double-deckers almost skidded off the road after failing to negotiate a snow-laden bend where Marine Road meets The Wynd in Alnmouth.

The first coach, a 518 service from Alnwick to Newcastle, failed to make the incline up to The Wynd at around 6pm and slipped back, coming to rest on the footpath just feet above a drop into the frozen marsh at the edge of the village golf course links.

But half-an-hour later, the return service from Newcastle to Alnwick – which was following exactly the same route – tried to negotiate the same curve, only to get stuck alongside its colleague.

After another 30 minutes and assisted with copious amounts of grit, the second bus eventually made it to the top of the hill and round the corner, followed by the first bus some time later.

An almost identical incident happened in December 2010, also involving the 518 at the same spot.

Parish council chairman Bill Bourne said: “It has happened a few times and it has been discussed.

“We had suggested introducing a one-way system to direct traffic up The Wynd and down onto Marine Road, but Arriva wasn’t happy with the idea.

“They argued it would bring the buses closer to the edge of the drop.”