Double call for Seahouses lifeboat

The Seahouses lifeboat was launched this morning after a yacht ran aground.

At 1.35am, the crew were called to help a 10-metre yacht, Samphire, that had ran aground at the Kettle off Inner Farne, after dragging its anchor.

The vessel was towed clear and escorted to a mooring by the Seahouses all-weather lifeboat, Grace Darling.

The RNLI crew then received a request for assistance from another vessel, the catamaran Rainbow Two.

The vessel had blown ashore onto Inner Farne after its engine had stopped while recovering the dragging anchor.

The catamaran was towed clear by the lifeboat and then escorted to safety.

Seahouses RNLI Coxswain Mechanic John Hanvey said: “The second call for assistance came straight after the first, so we were kept pretty busy this morning.

“Sea conditions were a little choppy but good visibility enabled us to recover both vessels swiftly and without any difficulty.”