Donations to lifeboat crew hit by break-in

Boulmer Volunteer Rescue Service has received two donations following a Gazette report about a burglary at the lifeboat station.

Last month, a celebration event for the crew was marred by a break-in at the station during which items totalling hundreds of pounds were taken.

A laptop and ceiling projector were stolen along with bottles of alcohol, some of which were due to be raffle prizes.

Upon reading the article in the Gazette, a Warkworth man, who was unaware that the Boulmer crew was still independent, offered a £500 donation to help with the losses sustained during the theft.

The crew has since taken delivery of a new lifeboat and has informed the donor that his money will go towards fitting out the vessel with the right equipment.

They also received a £60 donation from people at the caravan site in the village.