Donations shed light on lamp plans

A RAY of light has been given over plans to install Victorian lamps on a village bridge.

The Gazette reported last week that as part of Northumberland County Council’s re-structuring works on Rothbury’s main road bridge, six lights could be added to the finished product.

But they would not be funded by the council and would cost more than £24,000.

When this was announced at Rothbury Parish Council last month, the authority declined to give any cash towards the scheme making plans to incorporate them unlikely.

However, a local family has now come forward and offered to fund one of the lamps making the plans more possible.

County councillor Steven Bridgett is to fund one from his members’ small schemes fund and another private donation was also made before the parish council meeting.

Coun Bridgett has also asked the county council to contribute towards two of the lights ‘given the disruption the work has caused within the village’.

He said: “Having lived here all of my life, I thought nothing much could surprise me any longer, however the generosity of Rothbury’s residents is quite staggering.

“When I received the offers, I was genuinely taken aback as I thought we may have to abandon this project. However, if the council agree to fund two lights we could well be on our way to paying for the fifth light with only the sixth one remaining.

““I cannot thank the families enough that have come forward and made these offers, as a community we are extremely grateful and I shall ensure that their donations are marked on the bridge, I just hope we can complete the project and fund all six now.”