Dog poo still causing issues

Councillor and dog owner Gordon Castle is backing the Gazette's campaign about dog mess.
Councillor and dog owner Gordon Castle is backing the Gazette's campaign about dog mess.

A variety of measures are being put in place to help cut down on dog mess in public places.

A fortnight ago we called on readers to report those responsible for not cleaning up after their pets after they had fouled on pavements and footpaths.

When our story appeared on Facebook, we received more messages about areas that were a ‘disgrace’ and people giving support to the appeal.

And Northumberland County Council has told of its plans to try to eradicate the problems.

The authority now has 39 officers who can issue fixed penalty notices to dog owners who flout the law, after training up its traffic wardens to carry out the task.

Numbers of complaints about dog fouling have risen year-on-year, with more than 1,600 in 2013.

Since 2012, when the council launched its Don’t Stand For It anti-dog-fouling campaign, the reporting of dog fouling online has increased by 107 per cent.

This year the council plans to give away more than half-a-million poop-scoop bags.

And after our last report, our readers took to Facebook to tell us what you thought.

Kerry Surtees said: “I’ll certainly be doing this because I am sick of walking around the pier [in Amble] but having to dodge the piles of poo!

“Especially with kids, having to keep telling them to watch where they’re walking, it’s a joke.

“I put in a complaint a couple of weeks ago through the website and had an automated reply to say someone would get back to me but I haven’t heard a thing.”

Jane Hardy added: “I am a dog owner. It’s my responsibility to pick up after my dog and doing so is not a major train smash

“It’s lazy, selfish and inconsiderate to leave it lying and it creates a bad name for all dog owners.

“Nappy sacks and/or poo bags can be purchased for under a £1.”

Over on Twitter we also had responses.

@StoneCBakery said: “I am delighted to see @alnwickgazette’s front page today. As a dog owner myself, this is one campaign I will be getting behind.”