Dog-mess issues, but floral efforts continue

Amble's floral efforts in the Town Square a few years ago.
Amble's floral efforts in the Town Square a few years ago.

Amble is facing issues with litter and dog-fouling, but efforts are on going to make the town look blooming lovely.

In a report to the meeting, outgoing Amble Mayor Craig Weir stated that ‘the big problem is dog waste’.

He said: “It does not matter that we have a lobby of responsible dog owners, there seem to be more irresponsible than responsible.

“It amazes me why people blame the dogs and who can pick up the waste, but place it on trees and other unlikely areas, then blame the council for lack of bins.”

Making reference to Warkworth Harbour Commissioners’ decision to ban dogs from the Little Shore, he said: “I’m not saying that their action is justified or extreme, but it may get people thinking and become aware that we are all responsible for this problem.”

On the subject of rubbish, he added: “Litter ideas anyone? I have to thank a very few individuals who constantly pick up other people’s litter. I am impressed with how a McDonald’s or Costa cup can appear at least 15 miles from its source.”

He added that there had been some petty vandalism, including to trees in Tynedale.

However, efforts are continuing to make the town look attractive. New seats have been and will be put into the Memorial Gardens, thanks to Amble Community Team.

This year, the Pride in Amble team has concentrated on the Town Square and memorial Gardens. There are a number of reasons for this, mainly because of the age and dwindling number of members.

The new area has been the work carried out under the guidance of Audrey Jones, adjacent to Coquet Street.

Efforts will be made to concentrate on the future of this area by planting perennials and by grassing over larger areas.

The good news for Pride in Amble has been the donation of a grant from the Community Trust which will finally allow members to be offered tools and kit, instead of using their own.

A new town trail will be available soon and a new programme of planting with Sodexo Justice Services has been formulated and is ongoing.