Dog lost in crash chaos

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A DOG went missing from a crashed car amid chaos on the A1 on Friday night, after scores of vehicles slid and crashed on black ice.

The A1 Felton bypass had to be closed in both directions causing gridlock, with motorists having to use local diversions.

David Yates and Alan Brown were among those involved in accidents, crashing and rolling the Land Rover they were in onto its roof around 5pm on Friday.

Mr Yates, from Newbiggin, injured his shoulder and has to undergo an operation while Mr Brown suffered cuts and bruises and a suspected broken rib.

However, in the confusion just after their accident, Mr Yates’s dog, who was in the back of the car, got out and disappeared.

Now his owners are asking for people to keep an eye out for the missing three-year-old Border Terrier.

Mr Brown, from Lynemouth, said: “We were travelling on the A1 southbound and we were the first ones to hit the ice at Felton.

“The Land Rover ended up upside down.”

After the accident, it didn’t take long for Rab to escape from the car.

“We didn’t notice until five minutes later and he was gone,” added Mr Brown.

Rab, a much-loved and missed family pet, is brown with black ears. Anybody with any information on the whereabouts of Rab is asked to contact Alan Brown on 07926 597005.

The chaos caused problems for many others during the Friday night rush hour.

A motorist, who commutes up and down the A1 every working day and asked not to be named, said: “I was travelling along at a normal speed when suddenly I hit the back of a queue that was at an absolute standstill.

“I could see the blue lights about 200 metres down the road but it took about 45 minutes to get that far. We were then directed off the A1 through Felton. It was absolute bedlam.

“Surely the road wasn’t gritted properly if that many cars had accidents,” he added.