Dog found tied to tree is rescued by SHAK

The husky with SHAK veteran Lennox.
The husky with SHAK veteran Lennox.

A stricken dog which was found tied to a tree and described as being ‘on death’s door’ is being nursed back to recovery by Alnwick-based dog sanctuary, SHAK.

The poorly husky was in a ‘horrendous state’ when he was discovered along the A69, near Hexham, last week.

Now, SHAK founder Stephen Wylie is appealing for information to try to find out more about the charity’s latest arrival.

He said: “My phone rang and it was one of the dog wardens who had just picked up a husky from a vets where he had been on IV fluids since being found tied to a tree on the A69.

“The dog was described as being almost at death’s door when found and in a horrendous state.

“Of course I said we’d help, but on his arrival at the kennels, the true horror of his condition came to light.

“The husky – who we have called Phoenix – was extremely under weight, very wobbly on his back end and it appears his eye sight is very limited.

“I quickly had staff on the phone as they had put him in a kennel and all he had done was walk into the walls, so I took him home with me. He has since gone to live with SHAK volunteer Rachel.

“This boy is so special and desperate to be loved. There has to be somebody who knows where he is from and who he belonged to. It’s important to state that there may be a reasonable explanation for his condition.

“If you have information about this dog, call Northumberland Council Animal Welfare Team on 0345 6006400.”