Documentary filmed at Ford Castle on TV tonight

Ford Castle
Ford Castle

Documentary series Bring Back Borstal, filmed at Ford Castle last year, hits TV screens tonight.

The four-part series follows a social experiment in which 13 young offenders volunteer to experience the strict regime of a 1930s-style Borstal.

The blue print for the young criminals originally sent to Borstal in the 1930s was a strict regime of fitness, discipline and hard work.

During filming, the ‘Borstal lads’ refurbished the Art Deco shelter on Spittal Prom, with the work officially unveiled by Berwick Civic Society chairman Zoreen Hill in September.

In the days of borstal, seven out of 10 young criminals never reoffended. Today, nearly three quarters of young offenders released from prison reoffend within 12 months.

So can the troublemakers of today handle the punishments of the past, and more importantly will borstal set them straight?

Tune in to Bring Back Borstal on ITV1 from 9pm-10pm tonight to find out.

It is another in a long line of national TV programmes that have featured Northumberland, including the Downton Abbey Christmas Special, which was largely filmed in Alnwick and screened on ITV on Christmas Day, and Tales From Northumberland, starring Robson Green. A new series of Vera, starring Brenda Blethyn is due to screen this spring.