Diver rescued after taken ill off the Farne Islands


A female diver had to be airlifted off a lifeboat after becoming unwell while diving off the Farne Islands.

The woman had been with a party on a charter boat off the island when she came to the surface too quickly.

After becoming very unwell and coughing up blood, the boat skipper radioed for help from the Coastguard.

A team from the Seahouses RNLI Lifeboat were quickly on the scene, and took the woman on board before she was airlifted by a rescue helicopter from Prestwick to a decompression chamber in Hull.

She is now believed to be making a good recovery.

Ian Clayton, lifeboat operations manager at Seahouses Lifeboat Station, said: “The lady had become very unwell on board the boat and started vomiting up blood and was in need of urgent medical assistance.

“Our lifeboat took the lady on boat, came clear of the Farne Islands while the crew gave her medical assistance.

“There was a doctor on board the charter boat and he treat her until the lifeboat arrive.

“She was airlifted off the lifeboat and taken to a decompression chamber in Hull where we believe she had recovered quite quickly.”

He added: “The charter boat skipper did the right thing in calling the Coastguard straight away and the whole incident was handled very professionally by the charter boat skipper.

“We’re hopeful of the best outcome for the lady concerned.”