District man on ill-fated cruiser

Archives from the Gazette in 1914
Archives from the Gazette in 1914

The latest in our series of excerpts from the Alnwick and County Gazette in 1914.

Saturday, October 24, 1914

Archives from the Gazette in 1914

Archives from the Gazette in 1914

Mr. David Welsh of Embleton

Lost on the “Aboukir”

As no news, except that he is missing, has been heard of Mr. David F. Welsh, who was on the ill-fated cruiser, “Aboukir”, the worst is feared.

Mr. David Welsh was well known in this district, as he was a native of Embleton parish. Mr. David Welsh was deservedly popular, and had in consequence a wide circle of friends.

After leaving school, he served his apprenticeship in the engineering shops in connection with the North Eastern Railway Company, Gateshead, and at the age of 21 years, he joined the Mercantile Marine, as a sea-going engineer, and for some years was associated with the Anglo-Australian Steam Shipping Company.


A good deal has been said, especially in the earlier days of the war, of the backwardness of recruiting in Amble and district. But during the past three weeks, the impetus to recruiting has been tremendous, and on three occasions this week batches of men have gone to the training centres of the carious corps, so that Amble has maintained the reputation of the Britisher for pluck and honour. I give below the names of the recruits, as far as I have been able to obtain them.

In time I hope to be able to give the whole of their names and the different corps they have gone to.

National Reserves: Peter Angus, James Armstrong, Ralph Ainsley, Thomas Conroy, W. Curry, A. Darling, W.Emmerson, C. W. Gray, Robert Garvie, W. Graham, William Garvie, Wm. Henshall, Henry Jackson, James Johnson, James Millar, R. D. McInnes, Thomas Moody, Dan McKenzie, Thomas Mole, Thos. J. Miles, W. Patten, H. Teasdale, R. H. S. Turner, J. Wrigglesworth, Joseph Waugh, F. M. Young, John Young, Joseph Hedley, J. Pringle, M. J. Turner, J. Wilson.

Other services: John Angus, John Common, James Henderson, J. S. Hudson, Geo. Middlemass, F. McGill, Geo. W. Rogers, John J. Shearer, Samuel F. Farbridge, John Stewart, F. W. Davidson, Geo Willis, Richard Cassen, J. H. Robertson, W. A Robertson, John Geo. Wardle, George Swan, Duncan Angus, John Dunn, Geo. Aitchison.

Naval Brigade: James Smith, Christopher Athey, Fred Fairlamb, John J. Archbold, Tos. Ternent, William Humble, William Forster, James Rutherford, David Henderson, Edward Rowell.

Territorials: Thomas Gray, J. A. Craig, G. Craig, E. Thompson, Jos. Charlton, John Buddle, Robert Tait, J. A. Davis, J. Stevenson, J. Middlemiss, W. Harbottle, J. E. Shanks, Charles Brown, Adam Brown, James Brown, James Douglas, John Douglas, John Bradford, Joseph Hunter, Thomas Thompson, Ales. Mackay, John Douglas, T.G. Douglas.