Dismay over constant problems at Paddlers

Paddlers Park, Amble
Paddlers Park, Amble

Frustrated councillors are requesting a meeting to try to resolve problems at a revamped leisure space.

Paddlers Park, in Amble, was officially opened in 2016 after a major overhaul of the site.

But since opening, it has been plagued with problems, including drainage and equipment issues.

Now, Amble Town Council will write to the county council, asking for a meeting to try to improve the situation.

Coun Helen Lewis said: “When we started, we had certain criteria, but because of the problems this criteria is not being fulfilled and we aren’t happy with what it is costing.

“The county council put the bulk of the money in for the project and because it is public money, we feel that it should be looked at because of the problems we’re having.

“A lot of the problems come from the original concept, the project contractor and the supplier of some of the equipment, all of which we have no control over. For example, the water feature can’t be turned on because the pump doesn’t cut off, so it continually runs and because it is metered water, it will cost a fortune. Somebody has looked at it and suggested the part they think we need, but this will cost over £1,000.”

Amble Mayor Craig Weir added: “Another example was when the firm came out to refit some of the equipment, and they put it in the wrong place, and now we can’t get a response. The problems are going on and on and it is becoming more expensive. If it continues, we will have to shut the whole thing down, which would be ridiculous.”

Coun Jane Dargue said it has been a catalogue of errors.