Disgust at dog dirt left hanging from trees

DIRTY dog owners have left bags full of excrement hanging from trees at a north Northumberland beauty spot, to the disgust of walkers stumbling upon them.

Philippa Brown, from Warenford, contacted the Gazette to report the state of paths and the car park at Hepburn Woods, near Chillingham, after setting out for a walk there.

“We were disgusted at the amount of dog poo, either left in bags in the car park for someone else to pick up, or not picked up from the main path,” she said.

“The fact that these dog owners think it is their right to have dog bins provided is extremely selfish – it’s their litter, their responsibility. Pick it up and take it home.”

But to make matters worse, she even found bags which had been deliberately fastened to tree branches.

“The bag on the tree had dropped its contents below,” she said.

“There was too much other dog mess to get near to it, and a third bag was in the nettles.”

While the Gazette’s Scoop The Poop campaign is starting to make a difference to our community, with less dog fouling being reported since it was launched, we still need more people to get involved.

You can play a part in helping to eliminate dog mess from your local area by reporting offenders directly to Northumberland County Council on 0845 6006400.

If you have information about persistent dog-fouling, you can also email northumberland.gazette@northeast-press.co.uk, call 01665 602234 or write to Northumberland Gazette, 32 Bondgate Without, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 1PN.