Disappearing bridge

The remaining bridge supports in Rothbury. 'Picture Mary Scott
The remaining bridge supports in Rothbury. 'Picture Mary Scott

A bridge over the River Coquet, which has been used by walkers for decades, has been removed on health and safety grounds.

The structure, which crossed the river at the west end of the village, was a popular access route to the village golf club.

But in recent years it has been in a poor state of repair.

And about a month ago it was decided that it would be removed, because it was unsafe for people to use.

The bridge, which is on Northumberland Estates’ land, was originally erected for access to the race course,which was located on the land prior to the golf course.

The golf club committee upgraded the bridge at one point to let cars across.

But now all that is left of the structure are three stumps in the river bed.

A spokeswoman for Northumberland Estates said: “The bridge was put in many years ago to provide access to the golf course and old club house.

“Today the club no longer requires this access following the relocation of the clubhouse to the other side of the course.

“The bridge has recently been deemed unsafe for health and safety reasons.

“It was therefore decided by the Northumberland Estates in close consultation with the golf club management team, that the safest course of action was to have it removed.

“As it is no longer needed, for the time being, there are no plans to replace it.”

Thomson Bathgate, a former member of the golf club committee, said that the golf club didn’t need the bridge once the clubhouse had moved.

He added that it also encouraged people to walk onto the golf course, which could be unsafe.