Dino day at the museum

Young explorers promised dino fun in SheffieldYoung explorers promised dino fun in Sheffield
Young explorers promised dino fun in Sheffield
Go back in time hundreds of millions of years at an Alnwick attraction this weekend.

The Bailiffgate Museum is hosting it’s very own Dinosaur Day on Saturday.

And young and old are invited to go along and enjoy it.

There will be plenty of activities going on throughout the day, including making dinosaurs from pasta shapes, digging for dinosaur bones, recreating the amazing dinosaur world with volcanoes in a Dinorama, making dinosaur eggs, and much more.

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Every child will leave with something they have made during the day.

Gillie Stapleton, volunteer, who is leading this exhibition, said: “For some reason children absolutely love dinosaurs. They are fascinated by the fact that such huge giants existed and now have completely disappeared. I think they also like to believe that somewhere, on our planet, they still exist. It’s great for their imagination.”

Jane Mann, volunteer, said: “This Dinosaur Day is a great start to the summer holidays. Our big toy exhibition, Batteries Not Included, runs throughout the holidays. Not just for rainy days, the museum has masses to enjoy every day.

“It’s incredibly good value at only £1 per child – beat that. We know that adults are also enjoying the chance to walk down Memory Lane seeing toys from the past.”

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The Batteries Not Included exhibition gives visitors a journey through the ages and toys.

From dressing up to card games, books to stuffed toys and everything in between, there is something that will catch the eye of every visitor.

For more information, visit www.bailiffgatemuseum.co.uk

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