Dieting makes Misty trim


This week’s dog is Misty, who came to SHAK some time ago and would really make a good companion.

She is calm and affectionate and very food-orientated, so she responds well to food rewards.

Her love of food, however, and the likelihood that she was used for breeding, affected her waistline and once she had settled in to SHAK she had to go on a slimming diet.

The once-very-chubby Misty that came in to SHAK was transformed into a trim middle-aged (about six) sweetheart.

A little love and care (and not too many treats) is all she needs.

And an update on one of our lovely former boys, Blue.

Sadly, family circumstances at his foster home have changed and his present family can no longer give him what they think he deserves.

He is due back to SHAK after 18 months of living with the family in their home. Can you help him or Misty? Contact

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