DEVELOPMENT: Town needs a local plan

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It’s that time when local politicians are meant to listen to local residents so in Amble let’s ask them about the planning issues surrounding our little town, especially the following.

Why is Arch putting a supermarket on the derelict Cheviot Food site, threatening all the great trade built up by Queen Street over the last 10 years?

Why are developers being encouraged to propose 1,000 car-dependent, out-of-town houses on agricultural land when there is plenty of more sustainable, pre-developed land available nearer the town centre for the remainder of the 600 houses they say are required?

Why did the county council require Persimmon to provide a school path for the 250-house Coquet Grange development, then build it with four concrete steps to stop buggies/cycles, a 6ft wooden fence to stop everyone else, and only last week add another 6ft steel fence to stop public access to the running track behind it?

Amble deserves a logical local plan to suit its residents, not a woolly core strategy and rampant unconnected developments.

Let’s get our councillors to provide one.

Tom Lloyd,

Address supplied