DEVELOPMENT: Name will lead to confusion

Some time ago, I wrote to you about the possible confusion likely to arise by the developers of the old Bolams Mill calling the development and advertising it as The Maltings.

This is despite there already being a well established The Maltings (1982) in Greenbatt.

This matter has now, however, been shown to have serious implications.

About three weeks ago, a resident in the original Maltings had a stroke and the summoned ambulance wasted valuable time by going to the Lagny Street site.

The developers know their site is registered as ‘Malthouse’ with both the Northumberland County Council and the GPO but still persist in advertising The Maltings.

I have contacted the NCC but they tell me they cannot take action on the matter as there appears to be no legal power they can implement to enforce the registration.

Robin Wilson,

The Maltings,