DEVELOPMENT: Golf club looks rosy

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Readers will be aware of the multiple planning applications for housing development submitted throughout north Northumberland by Northumberland Estates and approved by Northumberland County Council.

I believe the majority are almost certainly unnecessary in terms of housing need and invariably opposed by local residents who wish to protect communities and countryside from intrusive speculative housing schemes.

It is no surprise that Northumberland Estates has submitted a revised planning application for 11 golf lodges on a greenfield site in Rothbury (Northumberland Gazette, December 15).

You report that following the earlier failed application the developer commented that “the bid was aimed at supporting the struggling golf club”.

Interestingly, in the same edition you report that Rothbury Golf Club is appointing its first professional and opening a retail shop. Not bad for a struggling golf club thus far deprived of its golf lodges.

Should Northumberland Estates wish to build affordable housing for the benefit of local communities, rather than four bedroom detached houses and golf lodges, that would be a different matter.

But, of course, affordable housing is not as profitable.

Richard Spotwood,

Hillside East,