Detectives launch appeal for Bank of Northumbria ‘robbery’ in TV's The Heist

Detectives have launched an appeal after a gang of 'thieves' stole a substantial amount of money in a 'heist' at the ‘Bank of Northumbria’ – but the folk of Alnwick need not fear.

By Faye Dixon
Sunday, 23rd June 2019, 4:03 pm
Updated Sunday, 23rd June 2019, 6:52 pm

TV producers orchestrated the ‘crime’ at the fictitious bank branch in Fenkle Street, which is said to be very similar to the Hatton Garden heist, and it took place between 4.30am and 7.30am.

Officers have begun routine investigations and are making house to house enquiries.

Former Detective Chief Superintendent of the Met Police, Sue Hill, is leading the investigation

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It’s all part of the Shine TV’s Sky One series The Heist, which pits a team of real detectives, both active and retired, against a team playing the part of criminals in the show.

Former Detective Chief Superintendent of the Met Police Sue Hill is leading the investigation into the ‘incident’.

She told the Northumberland Gazette: “We are appealing for the public to come forward if they were in the area on the day, if they saw anything or if they know of anyone involved.”

She also urges those with private CCTV who live close to the area to get in touch.

The cells are ready for the perpetrators at Bailiffgate Police Station

Two vehicles are said to be involved: a Silver Volvo with the reigstration CV54 RFZ and a Ford Focus with the registration BF58 ZKK.

The public should contact the investigations team regarding any information. They can call 01665 497 185, email [email protected] or search @theheisttv on social media.

Sue Hill, assures the public that the money was a “substantial amount.” She is impressed with the help they have received so far and claims “the net is closing in.”

If contestants evade capture, they will keep their share of the money.