Details of transport projects for 2019-20 in west Northumberland

Plans for Hexham Market Place and puffin crossings for schoolchildren are part of the Local Transport Plan for 2019-20.

By Ben O'Connell
Thursday, 7th March 2019, 12:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 2:58 pm
Pothole patching
Pothole patching

The draft plan, which has been discussed at the five local area councils during February, is due to be finalised soon and sets out how £18.6million of government funding is to be spent in the county.

That overall figure is split into £2.4million for integrated transport schemes, £1.5million for maintenance of A-roads, £4.6million for maintenance of minor roads, a £2.5million surface-dressing programme, a £930,000 micro-surfacing programme, £2.2million for bridges and other structures, £860,000 for landslip works and £490,000 for public rights of way.

There is also £3.2million earmarked for general maintenance, with various pots available to use during the year across the county as and when it is required.

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In terms of integrated transport schemes, the provision of safe crossing points for schoolchildren is to be backed by £100,000 and £92,000 for puffin crossings on the A695 at Riding Mill and South Road, Prudhoe, respectively.

There’s also £20,000 to continue design and consultation on potential schemes to improve the streetscape in Hexham Market Place, while £60,000 is allocated for parking restrictions/bollards in Otterburn.

An allocation of £10,000 is set aside to implement the agreed actions from the report about improving safety and traffic flow in Hill Street/Princess Street in Corbridge, while there’s £5,000 for the first phase of junction realignment at Towne Gate/Hexham Road in Heddon on the Wall.

Another £5,000 has been earmarked for the first phase of traffic-calming measures on Newcastle Road in Corbridge, while there’s £30,000 for works to Radcliffe Road in Haydon Bridge, where the existing crossing is to be removed and new measures introduced.

Here are the rest of the proposals for west Northumberland:

A-roads maintenance

A68 Stagshaw Roundabout – £100,000

A696 Blaxter Bank – £60,000

A686 Langley Wood Phase 1 – £200,000

Minor roads maintenance

U9041 The Towne Gate, Heddon on the Wall – £40,000

U8289 Leazes Park, Hexham Phase 2 (footway) – £40,000

U8280 Adderlane Road, West Wylam – £120,000

C198 Tarset Hall to Lanehead – £130,000

C202 Redesmouth – £90,000

U8171 Garden House Bank, Acomb – £80,000

U7049 Willia Road, Haltwhistle – £20,000

U7082 Leaside, Halton le Gate (footway) – £50,000

B6529 Middle Street, Corbridge – £45,000

C283 Dean Street, Hexham – £60,000

C234 Fourstones Paper Mill – £80,000

U8293 Elvaston Road, Hexham – £50,000

U8290 Tanners Row, Hexham – £30,000

B6395 Stonyflat, Prudhoe (footway) – £25,000

C275 Todburn Wood to Blackburn, Slaley – £70,000

U8285 Orchard Close, Prudhoe – £30,000

C279 Dukesfield – £60,000

C270 West of Scales Cross – £85,000

U8294 Dilston Avenue/Bywell Avenue, Hexham (footway) – £40,000

B6321 Corbridge Roundabout – £90,000

U8293 Cuddy’s Lane Footway, Hexham – £50,000

C200 Kielder to Border – £65,000

Surface dressing

A6079 Chollerton Edge – £60,000

A68 Horsley to Redesdale – £105,000

A696 north of Raechester – £35,000

B6342 Colwell Surface Dressing £15,000

B6318 Milestone House to New High Shield Farm – £120,000

C205 Stonehaugh junct. to Leadgate – £95,000

C260 Hedley on the Hill to Leadgate – £80,000

C324 Bellister Bank – £45,000

C267 Barley Hill to county boundary – £120,000

C266 Barley Hill to A68 – £50,000

B6321 Aydon Road, Corbridge – £70,000

C255 Gallowhill Lane, Ovingham – £40,000

C259 Lead Lane, Whittonstall – £35,000

U8004 Spartylea – £50,000

U8013 Studdon Park – £20,000

Micro surfacing

B6318 Greenhead (through village) – £35,000

U8311 Robson Drive, Hexham – £30,000

U8311 Collingwood Drive, Hexham – £15,000

B6318 Gilsland to Greenhead (retexturing) – £50,000

Landslip improvements

C235 Homers Lane, Warden – £150,000

C254 Ovingham to Wylam – £80,000

C295 Woolley Park (retaining wall repair) £30,000

Public rights of way

Allendale – Plankey Mill bridge refurbishment – £10,000

Otterburn Trail revetment and surface improvements – £30,000

Ben O'Connell, Local Democracy Reporting Service