Destruction of wildlife habitat sparks anger

Geoff Watson at the Willowburn wildlife corridor.
Geoff Watson at the Willowburn wildlife corridor.

A devastated nature lover had to fight back the tears after discovering that a habitat for birds, ducklings and voles had been ‘destroyed’.

Angry Geoff Watson couldn’t believe his eyes on Friday when he found the Willowburn wildlife corridor, in Alnwick, strimmed down to the ground.

He has branded it vandalism and says that six years of growth has been wiped out.

Geoff said: “It was an awful shock. I was almost in tears when I saw what had been done.”

Former town councillor Geoff claims that when Sainsbury’s was built more than six years ago, an agreement was made with Northumberland Estates that the area around the nearby burn would be left untouched and allowed to grow wild to provide a habitat for wildlife and a green corridor through the southern industrial part of the town.

Geoff added: “I passed the site just a few weeks ago and remarked how established and well it looked. It is a stop for the Northumbria in Bloom judges every year, who always compliment the Alnwick in Bloom committee on how good it looks.

“There were shrubs, wildflowers and also reeds coming out of the burn. The area attracted ducklings, birds and voles. But now this. Six years of growth has been destroyed. It is vandalism.”

The Estates has said that the area requires maintenance, but Jeff has disputed this.