DELAYS: Bad parking is bad for all

On Tuesday, August 22, I waited at Alnmouth Station bus stop for the 15.15hrs X20 into Alnwick.

It ran through Hipsburn along the main road, due to terrible parking by a black sports car. Curly Lane had, I was told, been blocked to buses since 13.00hrs. No information had been posted by Arriva and at 16.45hrs, when I reported this to the police in Alnwick. The officer was surprised Arriva hadn’t contacted them.

He stated a member of the public contacted 101, reported this car and the blockage, but due to the volume of calls they would not have been answered promptly (I have got a photo of this car on my phone).

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I understand Arriva has installed bus running information at the bus station in Alnwick, so is trying to help the public.

But while idiots park so badly and people cannot therefore rely on public transport, we will remain with parking problems at the station and virtual gridlock in the town.

Ann Walker,


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