Deadline day for parking regime

Chaotic scenes of cars parked willy-nilly in Alnwick’s Market Place should become a thing of the past next week.

The new and long-awaited parking regime, designed as a compromise between those who favour full pedestrianisation and the need for access to businesses, is set to come into force on Monday.

Currently, the restriction in place cannot be enforced by the county council’s civil enforcement officers, only by the police as a ‘moving’ traffic offence, if they see a vehicle enter and leave the square without unloading.

But the new legal order comes into effect on Monday and means that parking will be limited to 30 minutes within the marked bays alongside the Northumberland Hall with loading bays for businesses on the other sides of the square.

There will also be a disabled bay and a space for motorbikes.

The official signage is not yet in place, but information will be displayed to ensure that motorists are aware of the new regulations.