Dates and times for live firing

The following is a list of dates and times when the Otterburn (O) and Redesdale (R) ranges are being used for live firing next month.

Wednesday, April 1, 9am-5pm, O&R; Thursday, April 2, 9am-11.59pm, O&R; Friday, April 3, 9am-5pm, O&R; Saturday, April 4, to Monday, April 6, no firing.

Tuesday, April 7, 9am-11.59pm, O&R; Wednesday, April 8, 9am-5pm, O&R; Thursday, April 9, 9am-11.59pm; Friday, April 10, 9am-5pm, O&R; Saturday, April 11, 9am-5pm, O&R; Sunday, April 12, 9am-5pm, O&R; Monday, April 13, 9am-5pm, O&R; Tuesday, April 14, 9am-11.59pm, O&R.