Dangerous drivers are targeted

Latest news from Northumbria Police.
Latest news from Northumbria Police.

Action is being taken against speeding and dangerous drivers in rural Northumberland villages.

Officers carried out speed check operations at seven locations throughout the sector including Widdrington, Mitford, Scots Gap, Abbeyfields, Ulgham, Red Row and Acklington.

As part of the speed checks a total of 437 vehicles were checked, two were found to be speeding and the drivers were issued with warning letters.

Officers from the Morpeth Neighbourhood Policing Team worked alongside officers from HM Customs and Excise and VOSA to carry out a day of action, and carried out a number of stop checks looking for any unsafe or dangerous vehicles.

A total of 26 vehicles were given safety advisory notices, six prohibitions were issued and three drivers were dealt with for minor road traffic offences.

Acting Neighbourhood Inspector Sharon Wilmore-Greaves said: “Residents told us that speeding and dangerous driving were two of their main concerns and so we took action.

“We got officers out on the roads working with our partners checking vehicles, being visible and making sure that motorists and local people know how seriously we take the issue.

“Lives are lost on the roads and as a force we are committed to doing everything we can to help save them.

“It’s really positive that despite all the action we took we only found a very small number of drivers actually speeding and committing offences. We will continue to focus on the issue for as long as our communities tell us that it’s a concern.”