DAMAGE: Thug ruined our holiday

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I, my wife and two children, aged two and eight, have just arrived home to York after spending a week in a cottage in North Street, Seahouses, in a terraced property, which we rented from Cottages in Northumberland.

Outside the cottage and running along the main road are double yellow lines, but across the road, in Beechcroft, there is room for a couple of cars to park that do not interfere with the parking for local residents and that are not on yellow lines.

This location is basically at the mouth of Beechcroft, which adjoins onto North Street.

All week we had parked at the above location and had not endured any problem whatsoever until Friday evening/Saturday morning.

We parked our car on the Friday evening, November 3, at around 4.45pm. It is a charcoal-coloured Hyundai i30 on a 16 plate.

Without a care in the world and while enjoying our much-deserved family time with our children, we went to bed as usual, the car being parked right opposite the cottage, on the opposite side of the road.

At around 8.30am on the Saturday, the day our holiday was ending, I went to our car to find to my amazement and horror that it had been damaged with a key or similar sharp object along the offside driver’s side.

The deep scratches to the paintwork reached right along the full length of the back door, about half-way up and half-way along the driver’s door.

It was not just one continued scratch across both doors, but several incisions had been made.

I called my wife from the cottage to look at the damage and she broke down in tears.

This incident, caused by some mindless thug, has ruined our holiday and that has been passed down to my innocent children, who have felt the knock-on effect of it.

In around 10 years of holidaying in Seahouses, we have never encountered anything like this before.

I am frankly disgusted that somebody has done this to us, seemingly for no reason whatsoever.

As a consequence, I pretty much doubt we will be visiting the area again. Some idiot has ruined it for us.

Upon reaching York we took our car straight to a body shop and were given a rough estimate to make the necessary repairs, the cost being in the region of £500 minimum.

It will not be worth us going through our insurance due to the amount of the excess we would have to pay.

Incidentally, the cost of the week’s rental on the property was £410, less than the damage caused.

We did report this crime to the police and were provided with a crime reference number.

Having spoken to a local resident from a nearby B&B and to other residents over the years, they have repeated that crime does not usually happen in Seahouses.

I discovered something different and I think this should be highlighted.

We will never know who is responsible, but unfortunately for us, this is now what we will remember this area for in the future.

Steven Barker,