Cyclist’s fury at HGV driver

The lorry overtaking Quentin Field-Boden while he was on his bike, near to Ashington.
The lorry overtaking Quentin Field-Boden while he was on his bike, near to Ashington.

An angry cyclist has hit out at a HGV driver for a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre which he claims could have killed him or caused serious injury.

And seething Quentin Field-Boden was left so shaken by the near miss, he has made an internet video which captures the terrifying moment that the huge vehicle thundered past him.

He hopes the footage, which includes a personal message to the HGV driver, from County Durham-based HP Thompson and Son, will make the employee aware of just how scary the experience was.

“I want the driver to get a full feel for how frightening it is when a lorry overtakes a cyclist in this way,” said Quentin, from Alnwick.

“The lorry driver overtook me close and at speed. If I had wobbled at all when I was overtaken, I would have almost certainly been killed or seriously injured.

“Oncoming traffic had to move over to the side of the road when the driver overtook me.”

The incident happened on Monday, March 10, while experienced cyclist Quentin was riding near to Ashington.

It was around 12.30pm and the 55-year-old says that it was a bright, sunny day.

The picture above – which is taken from the film – shows what Quentin faced when the HGV overtook him.

Quentin added: “I rode the entire Tour de France route in 2010 and was the UK Age Group 24-hour Champion in 2013. I wasn’t subjected to any overtaking like this during either of those experiences.

“This incident left me quite shaken and I want the driver to be aware of what it is like to be on the receiving end of a lorry overtaking a cyclist without giving them due consideration – it is very frightening.”

Ian Thompson, owner of the lorry company, apologised on behalf of the firm. He told the Gazette: “I am really upset this has happened. We don’t make a habit of doing this sort of thing.”

Quentin has passed the video onto the police.

A police spokeswoman said that inquiries into the incident are ongoing.

You can Quentin’s video here.