Cruel thieves empty mum’s account

A SINGLE mum-of-four, whose bank account was cleaned out by thieves after her purse was taken, has issued a warning to others that this type of crime can happen so easily.

The Gazette reported in April how 40-year-old Stephanie Calder, of Alnwick, suffered a pulmonary embolism, leaving her unable to work for six months.

Now Stephanie has been left with no money, prompting her to question her run of bad luck.

While shopping in Alnwick two weeks ago, Stephanie had been to the cash machine before visiting a number of shops.

In the Cancer Research shop on Bondgate Within, she was buying something for her three-year-old son Cole when she noticed her purse had gone.

Stephanie said: “I’m a single mum with three kids at home and I had a pulmonary embolism. How much bad luck can one person have?

“They must have been behind me at the cash machine because they wiped out my bank account. They took absolutely everything – I was devastated and I broke down in the bank. They left me with absolutely nothing.

“It was so easy, so many mums could be hit.

“What really hurt was that I have my emergency card (detailing her medical condition) in the front of my purse, it’s the first thing you see.

“You would have thought that if you have an ounce of self-worth then you would stop and think ‘this is pretty serious’.

“It was my boy’s birthday and I had gift cards and things in there and I have had nothing back so it’s the kids that have missed out really.

“Cole was in private daycare and I was in arrears because I’m not working. Now I haven’t been able to pay so he can’t go. Obviously these people have no conscience.

“You think of Alnwick as a lovely, lovely place. That sort of thing normally doesn’t happen here.”

There is a small example of the nicer side of Alnwick in Stephanie’s plight though.

“My friends have pulled together to help me – they bought shopping for me,” she said.