Crucial bus service set to be reinstated to communities

The bus stop next to the shops in Hadston.
The bus stop next to the shops in Hadston.

A vital bus service which was axed earlier this year is set to be reinstated – but will be reviewed to monitor usage and reliability .

Arriva North East is looking at re-routing the 20/X20 to Hadston, and extending some services to Amble Links Estate.

The service was cut from the two areas in February, but community and council pressure has forced Arriva into a re-think. The changes are intended to start on October 27.

Arriva’s Nick Knox said: “We’ve made some suggestions for the reinstatement of a limited service on a trial basis to both Hadston and Amble Links Estate. We are in discussions with the county council on exact details.”

In correspondence sent to the Gazette, Arriva has proposed, for Hadston, to divert alternate journeys in either direction, which will hopefully reduce the risk of worsening punctuality of the entire service, which the company says it is ‘ very concerned about’. Arriva adds that this is the aspect of the revised service which it will be monitoring closely, as well as usage, and if it has a ‘noticeable worsening effect’ then the company will take swift action. Arriva says it will review the situation after three months and discuss the results.

The service extension to Links Estate would restore a small number of journeys at either end of the day where Arriva is able to re-time journeys to fit the additional time required. It will be called the 471 though, instead of the 20, to fit in with the county council’s supported Travelsure service. The number change would also come into effect because the first of these journeys would not operate off service 20, but service X18 at Amble.