Wooler Parish Council

Wide range of road issues

Police and councillors have been tackling motorists parking on dropped kerbs by handing out warning notices.

Inconsiderate parking like this had been raised by the parish council as an issue a number of times in the past.

PC Dan Perry told the meeting that the police could not progress to issuing fixed penalty notices unless the dropped kerbs have markings on them.

PC Perry also said that a request had been made for speed monitoring equipment on South Road in the 30mph zone.

He said that last time it was done, it was just inside the 30mph limit, but they would get a better idea of average speeds if it was outside the fire station.

There were concerns raised about parking elsewhere in the village as well.

Coun Alan Robertson mentioned Church Street, particularly while the roadworks are there.

Coun Rosanna Reed pointed out that there were issues at the junction of Oliver Road and Ramsey Lane.