Woman foils robbery at Alnwick cashpoint

The attempted robbery happened at Lloyds TSB in Alnwick (centre of the picture).
The attempted robbery happened at Lloyds TSB in Alnwick (centre of the picture).

A woman was left shaken after foiling an attempted cashpoint robbery in Alnwick yesterday.

At about 12.15pm, the woman had inserted her card into the cashpoint outside Lloyds TSB, in Bondgate Within, to withdraw a small amount of cash for her shopping.

Within seconds of getting to the cash amount selection page, a man threw a magazine over the top of her hands covering the buttons and the port where money is withdrawn.

The shocked woman asked what the man was doing and the attacker replied: "Out of order, out of order."

But she knew it wasn't as she had been waiting in the queue and saw other people withdrawing money before her.

So she bravely pushed him away and shouted for help. The man ran off to a getaway car waiting in nearby Fenkle Street, from where an accomplice drove off.

The woman turned round to find £500 sticking out of the cash machine which was so close to being in the man's hands.

Now, the woman's son, Andy Hunt, a technician at Alnwick Playhouse, has turned to Facebook to raise awareness of the crime.

He has written: "This has left my mum fairly shaken in a town where for most of her life she's felt safe. I am writing this in the hope that it doesn't happen to anyone else or that we can stop the people who have hit three times now over the past month. The man was not working alone and an eyewitness did catch the number plate [of the car].

"There are no CCTV cameras on the outside of the banks on the street of Alnwick (except Barclays who have their own). I would like to thank anyone who was there yesterday to help my mum during this time and would urge people to share this story with as many people as possible to ensure we can catch them if and when they hit next."

"I know there's been talk of CCTV coming to Alnwick but why hasn't there been any yet? I don't understand, there have been shop windows put in, people being robbed or attempted robberies outside banks and there is only one private security camera over Barclays' door and cashpoint in the whole of that area in Bondgate Within."

Andy also pointed out that this is not a crime unique to Alnwick and his warning applies to everyone using cashpoints.

He was also surprised that the bank allowed as much as £500 to be withdrawn and told the Gazette: "My best advice would be to check with your branch and make sure you put a cap on it even if it's their maximum amount. That way, in future, if they increase their maximum, then your maximum withdrawal amount won't go up."