Speed check results welcomed

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A POLICE inspector is pleased that a speeding scheme in north Northumberland has shown that there is not a huge problem in the region.

The latest figures, for Community Speedwatch checks carried out during October, show that action was taken against 135 drivers.

However the vast majority of these were warning letters for just exceeding the speed limit with two drivers given verbal warnings and summons issued for just two motorists.

Both of these were on South Road in Alnwick and involved breaking the speed limit significantly.

Elsewhere 41 letters were sent out to drivers going through Hipsburn with all the other checks, in Warkworth, Rothbury, Longframlington, Shilbottle, Swarland and Felton, resulting in less than 20 warnings each.

Alnwick Neighbourhood Police Inspector Sue Peart said: “It’s about us responding to the community’s concerns.

“However most of the letters that we sent out are for people who are only just exceeding the speed limit.

“We are finding that there isn’t a huge number of people who are massively exceeding the speed limit, the majority are doing 32, 34 or 36 and of course we want to address that, but our research shows that there isn’t a massive problem with cars going really fast.

“If you are standing still on a pavement it’s hard to judge the speed and I think people sometimes perceive speeding to be worse that it is. Nonetheless our roads are going to be safer with this initiative. If people slow down as a result, that’s only going to be a good thing.”