Shilbottle ex-solicitor jailed for six months

A former solicitor from Shilbottle has started a six-month jail sentence.

On Monday, Frances Brough, of Northside, was given a 26-week custodial sentence by magistrates in Bedlington following a series of offences.

In August, the Gazette reported that the 40-year-old had been found guilty of assault after she swore and spat in the faces of her parents during a dispute over their will. She also pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer.

Brough was also convicted of assaulting another police officer on March 23 as well as breaching a non-molestation order relating to her parents on August 14.

And she pleaded guilty to harassing neighbour Mandy Rutherford and assaulting her and husband David. The court granted a two-year restraining order in the case of Mr Rutherford.