Police seize dog as men are questioned over suspected poaching

News from Northumbria Police
News from Northumbria Police

Two men have been questioned by police following reports of suspected poaching in north Northumberland.

Officers were called to the Rennington area last Friday morning after concerns were raised over suspicious activity.

They checked fields and found a vehicle parked up on the roadside. Two men, aged 26 and 27, who were in the area were interviewed and reported for poaching offences.

Officers seized a Suzuki Grand Vitara car and a lurcher dog, in order to prevent further offences.

Neighbourhood Inspector Liz Hall said: "We take all reports of poaching activity in our community very seriously. We work closely with local landowners, farmers and gamekeepers to tackle this issue.

"We urge anyone who may suspect people of poaching in rural areas, or anyone who may spot people acting suspiciously to contact police so we can investigate straight away.

"If anyone has concerns about poaching activity we would ask them to contact their local neighbourhood policing team on 101."

Extra targeted patrols will continue working with farmers and gamekeepers to tackle poaching issues.