Police launch crackdown on knives in Northumberland

Assistant chief constable Neil HutchisonAssistant chief constable Neil Hutchison
Assistant chief constable Neil Hutchison
Police in Northumberland have launched a crackdown on people carrying knives.

The action – which includes weapons sweeps, searches and information visits to schools – began on Monday and is part of a national week of action aimed at reducing the devastation caused by knife crime.

A ‘surrender bin’ is also now in place Northumbria Police’s Bedlington station and will be in operation until November 22 for people to hand in unwanted knives to prevent them falling into the ‘wrong hands’.

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Northumbria Police say the message is that carrying a knife is never acceptable.

Anti-knife campaignAnti-knife campaign
Anti-knife campaign

Assistant chief constable Neil Hutchison has appealed to people in the force area to continue to work with officers to ensure the region remains one of the safest places to live and work in the country.

He said: “During my career as an officer I have seen first-hand the devastating impact knife crime can have on families. I’ve seen lives lost and futures thrown away.

“Our Force area is a very safe place and thankfully we see lower levels of knife crime than comparative areas of the country. However, that does not mean we are complacent.

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“Our officers work every single day to reduce the impact of knife crime and educate about the potentially devastating consequences of carrying a weapon.”

He added: “There is always a choice. People should never feel they have to carry a weapon. By carrying a knife, you risk ruining more than one life forever.”

“The surrender bins are for old kitchen knives, antiques found in an attic, or something once brought home from holiday. This is a way to dispose of items safely so they never run this risk of falling into the wrong hands.”

Officers will also be executing warrants, carrying out searches, seizing harmful weapons and taking proactive action against anyone caught in possession of a knife.

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Anyone with information about someone who is in possession of a prohibited weapon, or want to report any suspicious activity, can get in touch with police through the ‘Tell Us Something’ page on the force website.

Alternatively, people can speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

If a crime is happening, or you need urgent assistance, always call 999.