Police helicopter over Alnwick last night

A police helicopter was circling over Alnwick last night after a green laser was shone at an aircraft.

Around 10.30pm, and continuing for around 20 minutes, the helicopter was visible in the skies above the town.

A post on Twitter from the National Police Air Service (NPAS) in Newcastle stated: “Aircraft hit three times with green laser from Sycamore Avenue, Alnwick. Units directed to source and dealing.”

Their stream also revealed that the helicopter had also been in the town yesterday to search a building compound ‘after suspect seen stealing security cameras’.

At the start of this month, police forces in the North East (Cleveland, Durham, Humberside, Northumbria, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire) joined the National Police Air Service (NPAS) in the the third phase of implementation since the launch of NPAS in October last year.

The focus of NPAS is to deliver a more cost-effective service, balancing the need to save money in a challenging economic environment against the need to ensure the police have a quickly deployable asset that can be used to tackle crime and protect the public.