Police force increases number of female officers

More female police officersMore female police officers
More female police officers
More women are being recruited as police officers in Northumbria, according to new figures.

While the Government admits more is required to make forces representative, campaigners say a rise in female officers will help lead to public confidence in policing.

Home Office data shows Northumbria Police took on 414 new officers in 2020-21, including 198 who were women (48%).

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Separate Home Office figures show 33% of officers in Northumbria were women in March last year – up from 30% in four years.

Nationally that proportion rose to 32% last year from 30% in 2016.

The Home Office spokesperson said: "It is excellent that more women are deciding to go into this inspiring career, and that more women are also represented at senior roles in police forces.

“We are aware, however, there is more work to be done which is why the Government continues to work closely with police forces to ensure their workforces are representative, in terms of gender, ethnicity and socio-economic backgrounds.”

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Farah Nazeer, Women’s Aid chief executive, said: "Women make up half the population and it is good to see the police working towards this level of representation.

"The power of the police depends on public approval. If forces are not representative, public approval will lessen."

Northumbria’s new recruits were hired as part of a Government commitment to add 20,000 officers nationally by 2023.

The force has added an extra 322 officers through the programme, which started in October 2019.

It now has 3,451 officers and has been set the target of recruiting an additional 181 by March next year.