Police appeal for information after horse's long mane chopped off in Alnwick

Police are investigating after a horse had its hair chopped off in Alnwick.Police are investigating after a horse had its hair chopped off in Alnwick.
Police are investigating after a horse had its hair chopped off in Alnwick.
A teenager has been left distraught after her horse’s mane was cut and removed.

Destiny Tait was left shocked and stunned when she discovered what had happened to seven-year-old Bell.

“My first reaction was just to cry and then the shock set in,” she said. “I just can’t believe someone could do something like that.”

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The incident happened in a field at Alndyke Farm, near Alnwick, on Tuesday, March 3, between 10am and 2pm.


Destiny, 19, revealed: “She’s a traditional cob so had a long mane and long tail.

“They have cut off her forelock completely, taken clumps of her mane and attempted to take half of her tail.

“They’ve also taken it with them which I find very strange. It seems a bizarre thing to have done and I don’t understand why they’ve done it.

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“I don’t know whether it was just a malicious thing for someone to do or whether there was a reason,” she added. “I did get told horse hair can be used for things like violins and rocking horses.”

Bell's hair before it was cut off.Bell's hair before it was cut off.
Bell's hair before it was cut off.

She hopes Bell will make a good recovery but it will take around two years for her hair to grow back.

“She was sweating and a bit frantic when I got there,” said Destiny. “She is wary of strangers but it seems to me that someone came prepared to do this, with scissors.

“They’ve taken a lot as it is but I think she probably got worked up to the level where they couldn’t get all of her tail.”

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Destiny has had Bell for five years and was even considering showing her this summer.

“Obviously that can’t happen now,” she said.

Northumbria Police have appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

A police spokesperson said: “We received a report from a concerned animal owner from Alnwick.

“She reported that she had gone to check on her horse, which is kept in a field off Alnmouth Road, Alnwick, and was shocked to discover that her horse’s mane and tail had been cut.

“Once cut the horse’s hair has been removed from the scene.

“This is an unusual case and we ask that anyone with information contact 101, quoting 692 03/03/20.”