Police appeal after bin fires

Vandals who have set fire to a string of wheelie bins in Amble are putting people’s lives at risk, Inspector Paul Truscott has said.

Police have received six reports of bins being torched in different parts of the town in less than a week.

Sheds, fences and even a patio door have all been damaged as a result of the blazes.

Police are carrying out extra patrols in the town and are appealing for information.

Inspector Truscott said: “Fortunately these fires were dealt with swiftly by the fire service but they could have easily caused a lot more damage and put people in danger. If anyone has any information into these fires I’d urge them to contact us straight away.

“Whoever is doing this is putting people’s lives at risk.”

In the early hours of November 16, vandals set fire to a wheelie bin in the Alndale area.

A patio door of a nearby house was damaged as a result.

Then, between 2.15am and 2.25am on Monday, louts started fires in two more bins in Andrew Drive, leading to damage to a nearby shed and fence.

And on Tuesday, police received three reports of wheelie bins being set on fire in Andrew Drive and Philip Drive.

Once again, damage was caused to fencing and sheds.

Anyone with information about the fires should call police on 101 ext 69191.