Young people educated about the dangers of knife crime

Thousands of school children have been taught about the dangers of carrying a knife in a series of specialist lessons.

By David Sedgwick
Thursday, 1st July 2021, 10:15 am
Updated Saturday, 10th July 2021, 12:14 am
Some of the weapons handed in during a recent knife amnesty. Picture by Northumbria Police
Some of the weapons handed in during a recent knife amnesty. Picture by Northumbria Police

Over the last school year, Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Kim McGuinness’ Violence Reduction Unit has worked with almost 3,500 children and young people to raise awareness of knife crime and the impact of carrying a knife, despite the restrictions in place due to lockdown.

The Education Team delivered interactive sessions for young people in schools and youth groups with a focus on awareness and prevention of knife crime.

The sessions covered why young people might carry a knife, the law, as well as providing advice on additional information and support.

Ms McGuinness said: “It is vitally important that we continue to educate young people to provide them with the knowledge to make positive decisions for the future.

"I am delighted by how many young people my Violence Reduction Unit have engaged with and I encourage anyone in a school or youth setting to contact the team to arrange a session.”

She added: “Although our region is very safe there is always a possibility that crime could increase as we come out of lockdown. Therefore, we must engage young people now to ensure they are diverted from crime by having the right support and opportunities.”

Training is also available to those who work with young people to ensure they have an understanding of issues relating to knife crime.

For more information or to arrange an education session, contact the Violence Reduction Unit by email [email protected]