Mum fined for street assault

An Amble mum has been fined after being found guilty of assault in front of her children.

The bench sitting at Mid and South-East Northumberland Magistrates’ Court yesterday heard that 24-year-old Kirsty Matthews punched her ex-partner’s new girlfriend, Samantha Evans, in the face after an argument between the pair last July.

Prosecuting, Michael Rose said the incident happened after Matthews had a run in with ex-partner Paul Nyberg over access to their two children, then aged three and one.

Mr Nyberg had been on a trip to the shop when he came across Matthews and her partner, Derek Lazenby.

Miss Evans told the court: “I saw Kirsty and her partner and kids walking up so I went and stood at the corner.

“I heard Kirsty and my partner arguing and then she started shouting at me and came bowling over to us, her and her partner and kids.

“She started shouting at me and then she hit us on the side of the head and she did it again, but I never hit her back.

“She hit us about four or five times.

“I didn’t think she was going to attack us. She was drunk but because she had her kids there I didn’t think she would hit me.”

Miss Evans was left with a red mark on her cheek following the attack but did not need treatment.

Mr Nyberg said Matthews had contacted him after the incident and said if he gave evidence she would stop him seeing his children, but defence solicitor John Brown denied this was the case.

Matthews told the court that she punched Miss Evans in self-defence after she had been grabbed during an argument.

But magistrates claimed this was not the case as in her police statement, when questioned why she had punched Miss Evans she said: “I am sick of her and the problems she causes.”

Matthews also denied being drunk but admitted she had had an alcohol problem in the past. However, they believed that Matthews only threw one punch.

She was fined £160 and ordered to pay £75 costs and charges.