Milk buyer nicks bubbly instead

A SEAHOUSES man who went into the village Co-op to buy bread and milk but instead walked out with a shopping basket and six bottles of champagne has been fined £300.

Keith Dolan, 37, from Beechcroft, pleaded guilty to the theft of £194 worth of stock when he appeared at Berwick Magistrates’ Court last Thursday.

Chris Kerr, prosecuting, said: “Just before 3pm on July 27, a member of staff saw the defendant leaving with a basket of goods without going through the till.

“The CCTV was checked and the defendant was seen putting six bottles of champagne in a basket and covering them up with two newspapers before leaving without paying.”

In defence, Stephen Davies said: “It was a stupid moment. He had an argument with his wife and was feeling low and went to the shop to buy bread and milk.

“However, he found the shop was full of holidaymakers with long queues at the check-out so in a stupid moment picked up six bottles of champagne.

“He knew he would be spotted on CCTV and that the police would come knocking on his door in due course but he decided to drink the champagne.”

The court heard the defendant had lost his job as a result of the incident.

He was also ordered to pay £194 compensation to the Co-op, along with £75 costs and a £15 surcharge.