Man jailed for driving while disqualified again

A motorist who drove while disqualified was sentenced to eight weeks in prison by magistrates at Berwick last week.

Robert McMillan, aged 54, was also banned from driving for a further year.

McMillan, who now lives in Back Row, Selkirk, was residing at farm cottages at Lilburn Tower when he was caught behind the wheel.

He had previously been disqualified for 12 months by Selkirk Sheriff’s Court, but was spotted by officers driving a Subaru at Lilburn on March 14. The prosecution said there were three passengers in the vehicle, which stopped outside the farm cottages.

It later transpired that this was the fourth time McMillan had been caught for driving while disqualified.

In mitigation it was claimed he had been trying to repair the car. He had only driven it a short distance – about 200m – and the passengers were in the vehicle in case it broke down and he needed a push.

In passing sentence, the magistrates said that because of the number of previous convictions the defendant had ‘an obvious disregard for the law’.

They said a non-custodial sentence was inappropriate.