Man abused disabled dinner lady and threw a cone at her house

A Bamburgh man who shouted and swore at his former dinner lady has been ordered to pay her £50 in compensation.

Adam Tait, 24, of Saint Cuthberts Garth, shouted and swore at Margaret Potts on Tuesday, October 2, and emptied rubbish into her garden.

Prosecutor James Long told Berwick Magistrates Court last Thursday: “The defendant was out drinking with his partner in Beadnell when he became involved in an argument with her and she headed off.

“He later arrived at a house in Seahouses where he believed his partner was, but in fact it was the house of a neighbouring, disabled lady, who had done nothing wrong.”

The court heard that Tait’s partner had been at the victim’s house previously that day.

Mr Long said: “He set about emptying the contents of her wheelie bin over her garden, then threw a traffic cone at the house. When the lady came to the door to see what was going on, he started abusing her, calling her a slapper and a slag.

“She was extremely upset, and had to be comforted by neighbours.”

Ian O’Rourke, defending, said that Mrs Potts had known Tait since she was a dinner lady at Seahouses First School and had always got on well with him.

He added that events outside Mrs Potts’ house that night had got ‘completely out of hand’ due to Tait’s drinking while taking prescribed drugs.

“Mr Tait is extremely ashamed,” said Mr O’Rourke.

“He suffered a family bereavement when his mum died at the end of last year.

“Since then he has been suffering from anxiety and was prescribed diazepam as a result.”

Mr O’Rourke said that Tait had not drank alcohol at all since the end of 2011, until the night in question, and that the result of drinking while taking the drug was ‘extreme’.

“He offers his apologies for what happened and says it won’t happen again because he will not drink again while he is on this medication,” said Mr O’Rourke.

Tait was fined £110 and ordered to pay £85 court costs, as well as £50 in compensation to Mrs Potts.