Let us help you, plead police

A NORTH Northumberland police chief has put out a personal plea for people to get in touch following a spate of thefts from farms and outbuildings.

Alnwick Neighbourhood Inspector Sue Peart has said that the police have plenty of ways to protect against the recent targetting of quad bikes and petrol-powered tools, but those at risk have to get in touch.

Insp Peart said: “This a further plea from me to anybody that has land or outbuildings or owns quads or petrol-driven tools.

“We have had a spate of thefts by organised teams of criminals working in the area and, with the greatest of respect, I often feel like I’m banging my head against a wall because we offer help in making premises more difficult to steal from and nobody seems to want to take us up on the offer.

“We can put in place measures that can stop the thefts or at least make it more difficult. We have got to get the message across that this is a real threat and we need to work together to try and stop it.”

Insp Peart also said that while the police are working hard to stop this trend, they need the help of residents as well.

“I have extra patrols on duty and there are a number of other techniques we are using to try and combat this crime trend and I am certain that we will, but we need the public to help us by reporting any vehicles in or around our premises.

“Even if the people in the vehicles can give reasoned explanations or they don’t seem suspicious, let us decide.

“Without the public a) taking greater care of their property; and b) keeping us informed, it’s going to make our jobs so much harder.

“Anybody who owns this type of equipment should spend five minutes to review whether or no they need to increase their security.